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R&D Tax Credits

The UK’s prosperity depends on its ability to innovate, create and expand science in technical expertise. Global activity is shifting towards knowledge and advancement and the UK Government’s business strategy is to expand the level of Research and Design.

Capital Allowances

Capital allowances are a valuable form of tax relief available for expenditure incurred in the buying or construction of commercial property.  They are an uncontroversial tax relief, that effectively converts capital expenditure into tax-deductible trading expenses, for income or corporation tax purposes.  To put it simply, they are a treasury funded discount on the cost of a property.

R&D Tax Credit Introducer Services

Our experience gained in over 15 years of claiming capital allowances, with a client base in excess of 19,000, indicates that in many cases capital allowances and R&D tax credits are under utilised. We have a proven track record of providing capital allowance support alongside R&D tax credit services to professional introducers across all sectors of the UK.

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