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Why Carlton Nash


Here at Carlton Nash, we solely focus on R&D tax credits, unlike some other organisations who specialise in many different tax schemes and incentives. This enables us to be 100% efficient and successful in handling all our cases.

Our specialist team includes engineers, financial experts as well as partnered with Chartered Accountancy firm, Jeffreys Henry LLP. This gives us the added 130 years of experience if a case is particularly complex, and we ensure that every aspect of a case is handled by technical industry experts.


To ensure that you receive the entirety of your R&D tax benefit, our in-house specialists understand the scope and costings of your special and unique projects. This includes not only identifying the direct costs, but any related indirect costs that are missed by most. Leaving no stone unturned, our friendly experts are on hand to truly maximise your claim value.


Our methodology and processes are designed to ensure that your time spent is minimised. We understand that your business comes first, so our streamlined process ensures that you are only required for a technical call. We liaise with your accountants to ensure that all financials are assessed without any need for your involvement, while also ensuring that you have full transparency.

We do all the leg work and engage personally with your accountant providing them with the full claim details backed up by a written report supporting and explaining your unique processes and methods for them to submit to HMRC.

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