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Innovation in the ever-changing agriculture industry is the key to improving productivity and more efficient food production, as well as creating a market edge.


Architecture firms pursuing innovations or major improvements in environmentally-friendly building design could qualify for the Government’s generous research and development tax reliefs.


Civil aviation is one of the most research-intensive industries in the world, with huge investment in technology and innovation.


Research and development activity within the Engineering industry is often at the forefront of innovations which bring wide-ranging improvements to the quality of our lives.

Food and Drink

The need for innovative products and processes within the food and drink sector has never been greater, with the world facing significant population growth.

Internet of Things

There is a broad spectrum of uses for IoT technology across many industry sectors, all aimed at connecting computing devices to share data with each other, and with a central network.

Land Remediation

Many UK companies are leading the way in innovative remedial measures to mitigate the effects on land of hazardous waste and substances, and their work to find new solutions might well qualify for tax relief.


Increased investment in research and development has contributed to UK's success, and fortunately, the majority of companies should be able to claim R&D tax relief


Companies operating in the Marine sector are part of the ‘Blue Economy’ working to improve the sustainability of our ocean and sea resources and to safeguard the health of the ocean ecosystems.


The UK Medical Technology sector, including specialist suppliers, is made up of around 5,000 companies, of which more than 80% are SMEs. These companies undertake significant amounts of research and development.


The pharmaceutical industry has become one of the UK’s fastest-growing market sectors over the past decade, with smaller and privately-owned companies leading the way in investments and collaboration.


In comparison to other industry sectors, software products and technology have a relatively short lifespan, and the rapidity of change makes it vital for software companies to continue to invest in research and development.

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