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Civil aviation is one of the most research-intensive industries in the world, with huge investment in technology and innovation. UK Limited Companies working on aviation research projects, either directly, or as a contractor to a larger company, may well be eligible to receive R&D tax relief.

 modern air travel 

Linking continents and countries, the Aviation sector is of major strategic importance on a worldwide scale and is a key driving force of the global economy.

The UK aerospace industry is the largest in Europe and second largest in the world, making it one of the leading innovators in trade and industry.

Within the aeronautics industry, (that is, maintenance, overhaul and repair, suppliers and service providers) there is a great demand for innovative, new products which have the capacity to fulfil the objectives of modern air travel; more fuel efficiency, more comfort, less noise and weight.

for Aviation

Over the last 20 years, growth in worldwide air traffic has increased by 85% and the UK industry sector has expanded exponentially with a workforce of more than 239,000 (pre-Covid19), many being highly skilled engineers and technicians working in SMEs.

Innovations in Aviation science and technology can apply to design and manufacture across any of the industry’s sub-divisions, such as commercial or private flying, parachuting and paragliding, flight training, reconnaissance and military applications.

The complexity of new product development within the Aviation sector has led many companies to seek long-term partnerships for their research projects. Provided the research meets the Government’s key criteria; all parties involved in the research may qualify for R&D tax relief.