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 Pollution Research 

If your company is carrying out research into the remediation of land impacted by pollution from industrial products such as metals, pesticides, chlorinated solvents or hydrocarbons, your activity could qualify for the Government’s research and development tax relief.

 the environment 

Land remediation covers a broad range of land management measures and techniques to significantly reduce environmental risks, or control or remove them altogether, to ensure the site is no longer a threat to the environment or to human health.

The objective is to rehabilitate or restore natural resources which have suffered from environmental damage.

for Land Remediation

Many UK companies are leading the way in innovative remedial measures to mitigate the effects on land of hazardous waste and substances, and their work to find new solutions might well qualify for tax relief.

Activities could relate to using a landfill site more efficiently, ‘greening’ up urban areas, regenerating brownfield sites or increasing biodiversity to create a friendly habitat for birds or wildlife.

The research project might involve the creation of new chemical, physical or biological processes, but whatever the methodology, provided the work is utilising science or technology to create a genuine advance in this area of endeavour, your limited company could be eligible to receive R&D tax relief.