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 Improving Lives 

Research and development activity within the Engineering industry is often at the forefront of innovations which bring wide-ranging improvements to the quality of our lives.

Engineering companies can receive a welcome injection of funds from generous R&D incentives, which the Government has increased in recent years to encourage technological growth and innovation.


The ‘STEM’ disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are closely linked, and research activity can often involve collaborative working across these sectors.

Engineering research focuses on making things work for a specific purpose. Researchers will address a functional problem by looking for design solutions, which may result in an entirely new product or process, or a significant improvement on an existing one.

for Engineering

If a product already exists which performs a fairly similar or related function to the one under scrutiny, the research activity could centre around improving the existing technology.

If no such product exists, research might be in the realms of the physical sciences and involve the development of a working model or prototype to test a theory. This kind of research would meet one of HMRC’s R&D criteria for having a degree of uncertainly of the outcome.

To gain the maximum advantage from the Government’s R&D tax incentives, it is vital to ensure your R&D project meets the required conditions. Our experts know exactly how the system works and can help you make successful R&D claims.