Our sector-specific Research and Development tax relief  experts  offer a broad range of expertise in many different fields of commerce and industry.

 Increased Investment 

Currently, the UK holds the position of the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world. Increased investment in research and development has contributed to this success, and fortunately, the majority of companies should be able to claim R&D tax relief provided the project meets the Government’s criteria.

 A Broad Spectrum 

Manufacturing covers a broad span of industry sectors including transportation vehicles and equipment, paper production, publishing, the fashion industry, building materials, toys and sporting goods.

Manufacturing companies produce finished products, as opposed to service industries whose services have intangible value, and primary industries which produce raw materials.  

for Manufacturing

Manufacturing Research and Development focuses on three main priorities:

  • more sustainable and added-value ways to process new and existing materials and products
  • smarter factory design and data collection to maximise customer research findings to produce a more saleable product
  • addressing social, environmental and economic challenges using multi-scale manufacturing, digitalisation and automation

The Government has recently increased its support for manufacturers setting up research projects to overcome commercial challenges involving materials and production processes.

Every year, thousands of pounds worth of tax relief goes unclaimed by manufacturers because they routinely carry out research as part of their day to day operation, failing to realise it could qualify for R&D tax relief.